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НазадПродукция для детей и малышей
Cool Gel 'n Cap, Tulip, Cool Gel 'n Cap, 1 Cap
Производитель: Cool Gel 'n Cap

Cool Gel 'n Cap, Tulip, Cool Gel 'n Cap, 1 Cap

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Код товара: CGC-00205

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  • Ages 1+
  • Comforting, Cold/Warm Therapy
  • For Bumps, Bruises, Earaches, Headaches and Fever
  • Place, Adjust, Comfort
  • National Parenting Publications Awards - NAPPA Honors
  • Cap Keeps Gel Packs in Place!
  • Relax Mom...We Have it Covered!...Toby


  • 1 Cap
  • 2 Cold/Warm reusable, non toxic, fabric gel pack

Tulip's Cool Gel 'n Cap, complete with her Gel Packs, helps children overcome the discomfort and fear of bumps and bruises, as well as earaches and fever. Tulip can transform pain into play. So "Relax Mom...we have it covered!"

Soothing relief for head bumps and bruises-without medication. Use as warm compress for earaches too!

"Cool Gel 'n Cap is a practical, user and kid friendly device which can ease our little patients' pain from head bumps, headaches or earaches."

-Dr. Robert Schulman M.D Pediatrician, Buffalo, NY

Рекомендации по Применению

Easy to Use...

  1. Turn hat inside out, insert gel pack through opening, and return hat to right side out.
  2. Adjust placement of gel pack to properly cover affected area and place hat on child's head. No limits to placement of gel packs!
  3. Thanks to Cool Gel 'n Cap you're now hands-free to comfort the child.


Cool Gel 'n Cap is not a substitution for good child supervision and should not be used as a helmet. Gel packs provided by Cool Gel 'n Cap should not be heated to extremes nor applied at freezing temperatures for extended periods of time. Cool Gel 'n Cap is for minor bumps and bruises. Consult your physician or medical professional for head injuries. Cool Gel 'n Cap assumes no responsibility for the misuse of this product. This information should not be taken to constitute legal or medical advice or opinion. Information herein is general and non-specific and is not intended to confer opinions or advice of any kind.