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Dr. Mercola, Healthy Home, Wool Dryer Balls, 3 Balls
Производитель: Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola, Healthy Home, Wool Dryer Balls, 3 Balls

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Код товара: MCL-01591

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  • Healthy Home
  • 3" Diameter
  • 100% American Wool

FAQs About Wool Dryer Balls

Q. How many dryer balls should I use in each load

A. For a small load, use three Wool Dryer Balls; if you are drying a large load, you should use six.

Q. How long Wool Dryer Balls last?

A. Each one lasts approximately 1,000 loads.

Q. Why are the Wool Dryer Balls slightly different in size, shape, and texture?

A. Each dryer ball is made by hand rather than machine, so there may be slight variations.

Q. Are Wool Dryer Balls better use than rubber/plastic/tennis balls?

A. Both rubber and plastic dryer balls can be made from harsh chemicals including PVCs which can be released into your laundry. These types of balls may even melt or stain your laundry! Additionally, the harsh tumbling action can damage your dryer's sensitive electronic sensors.

Рекомендации по Применению

Want to Give Your Laundry That Wonderful Smell?

After your laundry is completely dry, take out two of the Wool Dryer Balls and apply your desired amount of pure essential oils to each ball. Then simply toss dryer ball/s. Using wheat will destroy the essential oils, so run your laundry on "Air Fluff" (no heat setting) for approximately 10 minutes.

Your laundry will smell fresh and clean, and the scent will last for days!