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Fairhaven Health, Nursing Time Tea, 4 oz

Fairhaven Health, Nursing Time Tea, 4 oz

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  • A Tea to Aid Lactation
  • One Month Supply
  • Made with Only Organic & Wild Crafted Herbs

An all-natural herbal tea to enhance the quantity and quality of breast milk

  • Promotes abundant, healthful milk production
  • Helps relieve digestive aliments including gas and colic
  • Contains only organic and wild crafted herbal ingredients
  • Delicious lemon flavor and caffeine free!

Nursing can be fraught with frustration, worry, and discomfort, particularly in the beginning. Low milk production or a colicky baby can lead to yet more distress and all too common feeling of inadequacy. As a supplement to a balanced diet, nursing time tea was created to help nursing mothers enrich their milk supply and provide digestive relief to colicky or “gassy” infants.   

An all-natural solution to feeding time woes, the herbal ingredients in nursing time tea have been used for centuries to promote healthy lactation and bring quick relief to both mothers and newborns.

Fennel Seed: Helps increase milk production for nursing mothers and also helps to alleviate digestive complaints for both mom and baby.

Goats Rue: Acts to stimulate the production and contains an effective bitter to aid digestion and liver function.

Alfalfa**: Contains key vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K, to help enrich breast milk.

Anise Seed: Helps increase breast milk production, while alleviating gas, colic, and indigestion.

Lemon Verbena: This herb’s lemony flavor helps to enhance the tea’s great taste!

**Note: May be safely used through the entire of your nursing to facilitate milk production and promote digestive wellness. Not for use by those on blood thinning medications.

Рекомендации по Применению

Use1 teaspoon Nursing Time Tea to 1 cup water. Bring water to a boil, remove from heat, and add herbal tea directly or by using a tea ball or infuser. Cover and let steep 5 minutes. Strain out any leaves, drink 2-3 cups daily and enjoy!