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НазадАксессуары для Малышей и Детей
Munchkin, Safety, XtraGuard, Dual Locking Drawer Latches - 2pk
Производитель: Munchkin

Munchkin, Safety, XtraGuard, Dual Locking Drawer Latches - 2pk

139 грн
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Код товара: MUN-35044

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  • Safety Accessories
  • Locks- Drawer
  • Secure Drawers with Dual Locking Technology
  • For Increased Safety
  • Select From 3 Lock Setting to Suit Your Needs

Stuff You Should Know:

  • Secures drawers with dual locking technology making it difficult for children, but easy for parents to use
  • Select from different lock settings (Double Locked, Locked, Unlocked) to suit your needs
  • Unlocked position allows for temporary unsecured use of drawers

An innovative drawer latch that secures cabinet drawers with a dual lock and enables parents to choose from 3 lock settings- because some things in the home should always be top drawer. It's the little things.

Is your little one able to defeat most of the gadgets you've tried? Here's a trickier drawer lock for your little trickster. The XTRAGUARD Dual Locking Drawer Latch has an innovative ergonomic design that secures drawers and cabinets from curious hands. The latch requires pulling back to open - a tough task for tiny fingers, making it more child-resistant than other simpler drawer latches. And for added convenience, the handle can be set to 3 different lock settings for customized use: unlocked, locked, and double-locked. The unlocked position allows for temporary unsecured use of drawers for entertaining when little ones aren't around. Get a handle on baby and child safety at home with Munchkin's XTRAGUARD babyproofing products.

Рекомендации по Применению

  1. Double Locked
  2. Locked- Pull to open
  3. Unlocked

Tip # 2

When children are present cook only the back burners of the stove and keep pot handles rear of stove.


This product is only a deterrent. Total access is not prevented and should not be substitute for adult supervision. Discontinue use when child become old enough to defeat it. Discard all packaging components before use.