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Munchkin, Sesame Street Toddler Fork & Spoon
Производитель: Munchkin

Munchkin, Sesame Street Toddler Fork & Spoon

149 грн
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Код товара: MUN-42401

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  • 123 Sesame Street
  • BPA Free
  • Easy-Grip Handles
  • Designed for Self-Feeding
  • Large Handles are Easy to Hold and Ideal for Right and Left Hand
  • For Tines are Rounded Enough to be Safe and Still Pick up Food
  • Spoon Bowl is Specially Designed to Hold-Toddler-Sized Portions

Now you can invite Elmo to your next meal - because everyone knows it's more fun to eat with friends! The Sesame Street Toddler Fork & Spoon features fun Elmo handles and a metal spoon/fork to help your child feel like a big kid at the dinner table. And with beloved best friend Elmo by her side, your little one might just embrace self-feeding on her own, without any nudging from you.


Wash and inspect before use. Top rack dishwasher safe. Do not microwave boil or steam or sterilize. Discard and replace at first sign of weakness or damage. Always check temperature before feeding. Do not let child walk or run while carrying utensils. Do not leave child unattended. Discard all packaging components before giving to the child.