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Munchkin, White Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub
Производитель: Munchkin

Munchkin, White Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub

505 грн
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Код товара: MUN-32201

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  • Helps Transition to the Big Tub
  • White Hot Safety Disk
  • Great for Travel
  • 6-24 Months
  • Inflates to 31" x 19" (79 cm x 48 cm)
  • It's the Little Things
  • Hangs by Suction Cup to Air-Dry
  • Colors and Styles May Vary

Helps keep baby safe in big tub

  • Textured, non-slip surface
  • Helps prevent bath time burns

A safe, comfortable, inflatable tub that tells you when the water is too hot - so you and your child can enjoy bath time.

Stuff You Should Know:

  • Contoured headrest makes hair washing easy
  • Textured non-slip surface
  • Deflates and folds easily - ideal for travel
  • For children able to sit upright unaided (6-24 months)
  • White Hot Safety Disc indicates when water is too hot (approximately 40?C and above)


Drowning Hazard

  • Infants have drowned in infant bath tubs.
  • Always keep infant within adult's reach.
  • Never lift this product with infant in it.
  • Never place this product in water in an adult bath tub or sink.
  • Always keep the drain open in the adult bath tub or sink.
  • Do not use drying suction cup while product is in use.
  • This is not a life saving device.
  • Never leave baby unattended while bathing.
  • Infants can drown in as little as 1 inch of water.
  • Always bathe your infant using as little water as necessary.
  • Never allow other children to substitute for adult supervision.
  • Always check temperature of water before placing child in bath. The typical water temperature for bathing a baby should be between 90 and 100?F (32.2 and 37.8?C)
  • Discontinue use if it becomes damaged, broken, or disassembled.
  • This is not a toy.
  • Do not rely solely on accuracy of Safety Disc as color change function may cease to work properly and may become worn over time.
  • Test Safety Disc regularly and replace at the first sign of wear.
  • Do not allow your child to crawl around or stand in the bath.
  • Please keep packaging for future reference.