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NurturMe, Eco-Pouch, 3-Pack
Производитель: NurturMe

NurturMe, Eco-Pouch, 3-Pack

218 грн
Экономия: -218 грн. (-100%)
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Код товара: NME-00242

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  • Saves 45+ Pouches From Our Landfills!
  • Your Main Squeeze
  • Pour, Eat, Repeat
  • + BPA Free
  • + Dishwasher Safe
  • + 15 Uses Per Pouch

Good for me. Good For we.

We believe nurture and nature go hand in hand — give your baby a health start, and give yourself (and Mother Earth) a break.

Dishwasher safe + BPA free + Refillable + 15x Reusable

Turn to-to foods and drinks into easy, eco-friendly snacks on the go.

  • + homemade purees
  • + apple sauce
  • + blends
  • + smoothies
  • + yogurt
  • + drinks

Рекомендации по Применению

Take NurturMeals with you.

  1. Pour in 1-2 pouches of NurturMeals.
  2. Add water, formula or breast milk.
  3. Shake and squeeze until blended.

To Clean: Open zipper-side of pouch. Rinse inside with soap and hot water, or place on top rack of dishwasher. Pouch will last appr 15 uses when cared for properly.

Do Not Microwave: To warm contents, submerge sealed pouch in hot water until it reaches desired temperature. Test before serving to little ones.


Caution: Caps may be a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of little ones.