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Pure Advantage, Pure Leucine Peptides, 1.1 lbs (500 g)

Pure Advantage, Pure Leucine Peptides, 1.1 lbs (500 g)

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  • LEU PepForm Leucine Peptides
  • 5 g Protein
  • 0 g Crabs
  • 5 g PepForm Leucine Peptides
  • 20 Calories
  • 0 g Trans Fat- 0 g Cholesterol - 0 g Saturated Fat
  • A Dietary Supplement
  • 100 Servings
  • Made in a FDA Registered Facility
  • Gluten Free
  • Highest Bio Availability
  • Nutritional Brands

Take the Pure Advantage

Explore The Benefit of Leucine Peptides

Pure Advantage Leucine Peptides provide Leucine more efficiently due to the patent-pending PepForm technology. Pure Advantage Leucine Peptides provide an enhanced form of L-Leucine to help increase muscle growth and recovery. Leucine Peptides are produced from Whey Protein Isolate. The long chains are broken down into the more absorbable di- and tri-peptides.

Leucine Peptides are ideal for those who are physically active and wanting to increase protein synthesis

This product can be used by a wide variety of athletes including those in CrossFit, P90X, Yoga, Zumba, the Insanity Workout or those that have physically taxing jobs such as Firefighters, Military and Police. Leucine can benefit everyone with an active lifestyle, including senior's, parents and children in sports.

Benefits at PepForm Leucine Peptides

  • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
  • Unlock (s) the anabolic potential
  • Rapid absorption and highly bioavailable

So Get the Advantage with Pure Advantage 100% Guaranteed

Рекомендации по Применению

As a dietary supplement, mix 1 tsp (5 grams) into your favorite MRP or protein shake after training and before bedtime. Best results are achieved by consuming 10 grams per day. Since Leucine peptides are not instantized, the use of a shaker cup or blend may be required.

Другие Ингредиенты

Contains no sugar, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, egg or preservatives.

Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon (5 grams)
Serving Per Container: 100
 Amount Per Serving%Daily Value*
Calories from Fat 0 
Total Fat0 g0%
Total Carbohydrate0 0%
Protein 5 g10%
Leucine Peptides5 g
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
† Daily Value not established