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RADIUS, Source Soft Toothbrush Gift Set, 3 Pieces

RADIUS, Source Soft Toothbrush Gift Set, 3 Pieces

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  • Made in USA

Gift Set Includes

1 Radius Premium Toothbrush

  • The only natural ADA recommended brand
  • Superior, ultra soft bristles that last 3 x longer while improving gum health with wide soft massage

1 Radius Toothbrush Travel Case

  • Secure snap lock hinge for clean and easy travel and storage

1 Radius DOC Multi-use Suction Holder

  • Multi use suction holder for toothbrush, razor, ipod and many other items.

The Natural Choice for the Natural Smile

  • Improves gum health with soft wide massage
  • Protects gumline - help receding & bleeding
  • Reduce risk of heart disease with healthier gums
  • The only ADA Approved natural toothbrush brand
  • Natural bio-plastic handle & bristles to eliminate fossil fuels
  • "Enjoyable Brushing Experience" & "Superior Clean"


  • Soft
  • L/R Reverse Handle for Left Hand
  • BPA Free
  • Handle Made of Bio-Plastic
  • Cruelty Free
  • The Natural Choice for a Natural Smile

Pamper yourself to a Radius

  • Premium Radius bristles help reduce enamel erosion and massages for healthy gums
  • Bio-plastic handle & vegetable bristles reduce petroleum use
  • Replacement head saves 93% vs. ordinary
  • Unbreakable "Slim Neck" for best reach

Made on low-energy machines in PA, each product is inspection by hand and designed to last.

New sustainable packaging reduces plastic content by 30% & increases renewable resource content to 65%.

DOC Multi-use Suction Holder

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • EcoPure

For Your Toothbrush - Perfect for all sizes and styles of toothbrush from children's to electric, the doc will transform any messy chaos into an organizational delight!

In Your Bathroom - Not just for the toothbrush, the doc is your everyday bathroom solution to that counter full of make-up brush clutter and that shower littered with perilously balanced razor and wash rags. Hallelujah!

For Your Gadgets - From your Ipod and Blackberry to your favorite pen, the doc will make sure your favorite gadget can stand on their own in the office or home!

For in Your Kitchen - For the quick grab of a dishtowel or the easy stash of a cooking spoon, the doc is your new kitchen genie come to the rescue! Dishwasher safe!

Toothbrush Case

  • For all Major Brands
  • 50% Recycled Plastic
  • Ribbed Base
  • Secure Lock Tab
  • Durable Hinges
  • Cruelty Free


  • Space saving curved design
  • Great for gym bag, at work or everyday in the bathroom
  • No drain holes for messy leaks in bag

Radius one piece travel cases use springy butterfly hinges to stay open and a lock tab to stop contents from opening in travel. The case should last a lifetime, is unconditionally guaranteed and can be fully recycled.

Рекомендации по Применению


Place small portion of toothpaste on radius Source. Brush in circular motion away from gums. To sanitize, swirl in peroxide wash. Replace head every 3 months.

Product sold as right hand. To reposition/replace head, tug firmly and reinsert (Handle bump should be faced up in hand for correct orientation).

DOC Multi-use Suction Holder

For best results moisten bottom and suction to a smooth surface such as glass.