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Think, Thinkbaby, The Complete BPA-Free Feeding Set, Orange, 1 Set
Производитель: Think

Think, Thinkbaby, The Complete BPA-Free Feeding Set, Orange, 1 Set

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  • Safer Products for Healthier Babies

Thinkbaby's products address the growing concern over toxic chemicals leaching from baby products.

Research has linked many chemicals in common use to cancer and hormone disruption. Hormone disruptors may lead to large number of developmental problems in children. Thinkbaby operates with the singular purpose of protecting children during their most fragile developmental stages through the use of safe materials.

Compliant with all US FDA standards

Complete Feeding set for children

  • Fork and spoon designed for small hands
  • Made from safe and sustainable materials
  • Bento box features water-tight lid
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)

Bento Box
Length -14 cm
Height - 3.5 cm
Width - 10 cm
Holds - 250ml/ 9 ounces

Cereal Bowl
Diameter - 10.5 cm
Depth - 4.5 cm
Holds - 300ml/ 10 oz

Baby Bowl
Diameter - 12 cm
Depth - 3.5 cm
Holds: 300ml/ 10 oz

Diameter-7.5 cm
Depth - 7 cm
Holds: 200ml/ 7 oz

Другие Ингредиенты

Exterior made from polypropylene

Interior made from stainless steel

Free of BPA, Lead, Melamine, Nitrosamines, PVC phthalates, and biologically toxic chemicals


Please consult with your doctor to determine the appropriate time to introduce solid food to your little one.

Do not Microwave